Resolution Recipe Round-Up Part 1 – Desserts – Low Carb, Paleo, and Primal Sweets

Resolution Recipe Round-Up Part 1 – Low Carb, Paleo, and Primal Sweets

Resolution Recipe Round-Up – Say that a few times fast… With the new year right around the corner, I’m sure many of you are defining your resolutions for the year and putting a plan into action as to how you hope to WILL achieve them. Nearing the top of those lists is probably something along the lines of… Lose weight, get in shape, eat better… etc.  At the new year, or any time of year, it is really important to set realistic goals.  If you say to yourself “I am never eating sweets again!”  What do you suppose would happen??  I know for me, that answer would be “EAT ALL THE SWEETS, ALL THE TIME”.  I don’t function well when I place strict limitations on myself.   A more realistic goal than “I am never eating sweets again!” would be something more like “When I eat sweets, I will make sure they are healthy”  or “I will make sure that my sweets are grain free and low carb”  You could insert any sort of parameters here – sugar free, gluten-free, paleo, primal, low carb etc.  Just set healthy and realistic goals.  In preparation for success in the new year, I have compiled a list of 20 sweet treat recipes that are a combination of low carb, paleo, and primal recipes.  I’ve tried many of them and they are outstanding!!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up and that it helps you stay on track now and into the new year.  Stay tuned for Resolution Recipe Round-Up Part 2 – Savory

What other types of round-ups would you like to see??

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***Please note that nutritional information listed on this page is an estimation based on the products I used. Ingredients and nutritional information can vary greatly between brands. Always be sure to read labels***

 ***Some links contained on this page are affiliate links and I may receive monetary compensation or other types of remunerations for any products purchased through these links***

Peace and Love!
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